family + newborn films


the magic of life isn’t the big moments, it’s the little normal, everyday, ordinary moments. those are the moments that we forget unless we have something to remind us. family films aren’t just about pretty imagery, it’s about remembering your story. it’s about trying to hold onto a moment. a family film is such a gift to us parents who have kids growing up so fast and are changing before our eyes.

so let’s take those candids that we all love so much and bring it to life.

let’s create your own family film so when you watch it 20 years from now, you can still hear those little giggles, and you can relive having those small hands reach and close around yours. your family film is a story. a story filled with the people you love. this film will mean the world to you and to your kids. that’s why i’m so passionate to help you capture this moment in time. i want you to remember.

  • 3 easy steps away from the best gift you can give to your family


what happens after i book?

*a non-refundable deposit of $250 is due at booking to secure your session. after you book, i’ll send you a questionnaire that will help us plan out what your session will look like and what time of day would be best to shoot. after your session, you can expect to receive your completed film within 6-8 weeks.

what will the session be like?

think of me like a good friend hanging out for a few hours. we will create a plan beforehand for what you’d like to capture, and once i arrive, you can go about your day like we planned but letting it happen naturally so there’s space for moments to unfold. i do my best to make everyone feel at ease so we can capture those candid moments we all love, and by not forcing things out of you or your kids. there is no pressure to perform.

what is included?

session planning consultation / 3-4 hour session / 3-5 minute film set to a beautiful song

this sounds wonderful, but we can’t afford it right now. do you have payment plans?

yes! i understand this is a large investment, but i am passionate about you documenting this time and would love to help! let’s set up a custom payment plan to make this work for you!

do you travel?

yes! i will come to your family by adding on the basic travel fees. contact me for a custom quote.

what if my house isn’t pretty enough?

if you at least have a decent sized window, you are perfect. your house is full of love and that’s all we need to make beautiful photos. we can also start at your home and end at another meaningful spot to your family.

what should we wear?

after booking, i’ll send you a wardrobe guide to help make this stress-free.

Johnson family / Sacramento

Full family film shot in their beautiful, modern farmhouse

Johnson family / Sacramento

Full film of my very own family. I wanted to make sure we captured our own kids in the midst of filming other families during the busy year


I am speechless... so thankful for your talent and for doing this for us... I am just speechless. This video means everything to me
— shelbie williamson
Troy was hesitant because he thought it was a silly idea but agreed to do it because he knew it was something I wanted to do. after watching the other lifestyle films, i realized it was much simpler then i was thinking; it really is just capturing life. it felt very comfortable having katrina film a day in our life. there was no pressure to perform or do things we wouldn’t normally do. katrina is a mom herself and understands life is messy, there will be tantrums and kids fighting. she was able to capture so many sweet moments that can easily go unnoticed. i love that i will have this to look back on, hear what my kid’s sweet voices and laughter sounded like, be reminded of the simple joys like having saturday morning breakfast together, jumping on the trampoline or pushing them on the swings. after getting our film back, i was blown away at how well she captured a day in our life, it really is something i can take for granted. troy looked at me and said, i am really thankful you pushed me to do this, it’s amazing
— amanda johnson